We have made a small change in two column headings in Gold Rush Staff Toolbox at  Holdings -> Manage JT Dates ->  JT Dates

Previously we had one column labelled "Embargo Period" and one called "Window Period".  These two values allow you to store an embargo period for a journal in months.  The "Window Period" setting would show when a journal that was active would become unavailable.

We have changed these two column headings to read "Embargo Months" and "Window Months" to reflect that the values that must be entered in these fields are integers representing a number of months.  We had found a few sites who were entering years or days in these fields not having read the documentation.  We hope this heading change will make it clear that the values for these fields are in months.

There is no action required for any site unless you have entered embargo or drop-off window period numbers in values other than months.


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