Opportunity to behave badly at the 2006 Colorado  Association of Libraries 

Jill Conner Browne, aka The Sweet  Potato Queen Boss Queen, often
reminds us that "Well behaved women RARELY  make history!"  Join us for
what promises to be a a great day in CAL  Conference history on Sunday,
November 12 for the Finale and Encore of our  ClassiCAL celebration -
brunch with this ClassiCAL diva! Enjoy her humor,  book signing and
photographs in one glamorous, yet irreverent event! Big Red  Wigs are
not required but are encouraged.

Jill Conner Browne is author  of the New York Times Best Seller, Sweet
Potato Queen Big Ass Cookbook and  Financial Planner as well as a
variety of other humorous favorites such as  the Sweet Potato Queens Field
Guide to Men, Every Man I Love is Either  Married, Gay or Dead, and the
Potato Queen's Book of Love.

Buy  your ticket to see this self proclaimed fallen southern belle over
a Sunday  morning brunch on the CAL website.  Just go to 
_www.cal-webs.org/conference.html_ (http://www.cal-webs.org/conference.html)
and click on "Info 
for Sweet Potato Queens and Wannabes."