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Do you suffer from confusion, apathy, or disorientation at professional events?  Do you find yourself wandering aimlessly through hotel corridors, flipping through the conference program and wondering, “What is my purpose here?”  Do have trouble staying awake in “after lunch” sessions?  If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, you may be suffering from “Conferencitis.” 


Though embarrassing, Conferencitis is a treatable condition!  From the makers of Biblioxizine (used in the treatment of overactive cataloging and classification glands), comes VOLUNTEERINE!


Yes, in controlled studies, just a few hours of VOLUNTEERINE over the course of one to four days, has proven effective in adding luster to a conference goers’ experience, improving networking ability, and ensuring that all conference operations flow smoothly.  We are so sure that VOLUNTEERINE will change the way you feel about conferences, we are offering a FREE TRIAL of up to four days!  Simply register for the Colorado Association of Libraries 2006 Conference - A ClassiCAL Celebration at   Those already registered may place their orders at  In a few days, you will receive email confirmation of your interest from a licensed conference practitioner and will receive your prescription one week before the conference.


But wait!  There’s more!  If you volunteer to facilitate a pre-conference, you will be invited to attend that pre-conference ABSOLUTELY FREE!  Act now, because opportunities are limited.


Take control of your conference experience and get more out of life…with VOLUNTEERINE!


(Side effects may include making new friends, learning new things, feeling generally terrific about helping out, and craving Peaberry lattes.)