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November 21, 2006


Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries Releases Three New Enhancements to
Gold Rush



The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries has just released three new
enhancements to help sites better manage their holdings in Gold Rush.  Sites
can now upload a new or existing title list into their holdings and they can
also add individual journals to a new or existing list. The third feature
provides the option to display or not display the date notes field depending
on if a hard coded date is provided.  Adding titles to a new or existing
title list is particularly useful for sites that need to quickly add or make
changes to a database and don't have the time for the list to be centrally
loaded by Alliance staff.  



Upload title list to new or existing list

We have created a custom loader where sites can upload a tab delimited list
of titles that includes key metadata such as journal title, ISSN, full text
start and stop dates, citation dates and date notes.  We have added a couple
of new features to the custom loader.  Sites can now indicate at the journal
level whether or not a title is open access.   They can also select from a
drop down box a customized URL for a particular title list.  For example,
for several Gold Rush customers, we have created customized url's that drill
down to holdings in their local library catalog.  Now when loading a title
list, sites can select this url from the drop down box.  Title list updates
should be reflected in the public and staff interfaces the next day.


Add a journal to a new or existing list

When libraries want to add just a few titles to an existing list or create a
very short list of titles, they can do this with the "Add a journal"
feature.  This new feature includes a data entry form where sites can type
in the metadata for each journal and update them on an individual basis.
Changes are reflected in real time in the staff and public interface.     


The "Upload title list" and "Add a journal feature" are in the Staff
Holdings module of Gold Rush under Title Lists. The date notes functionality
is also under the Holdings module but under "Manage Database Dates".  Full
documentation for the enhancements can be found at:  From the left hand menu items select
Documentation and choose the "Holdings" document..  Refer to page 9 of the
documentation for date notes functionality. Pages 26-33 provide instruction
on adding a title list or new journal to Gold Rush.


The Colorado Alliance will continue to load title lists, and sites can
select these into their holdings. Now they also have the flexibility to
create their own lists or simply add titles on an "add needed" basis.  We
hope sites will take advantage of these new enhancements. 


To encourage sites to explore the new enhancements, we will offer training.
Call the Colorado Alliance to schedule a training session. You can send
email questions to [log in to unmask] or contact Rose or George at



Gold Rush is web-based central digital registry of databases and electronic
journals including both stand-alone and titles embedded within aggregated
services. Gold Rush Complete offers a suite of tools for public access and
staff management. The web-based search interface is intuitive, and allows
for easy searching of electronic journals and databases showing full-text
from primary publishers, aggregators and indexing/abstracting services. In
addition, Gold Rush Complete also employs a full featured link resolver
(Open URL) with linking at three levels: article, journal title and where a
citation is indexed.


The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries was created in 1974, and is a
tax-exempt not-for-profit consortium of ten libraries in Colorado and
Wyoming. As a multi-vendor, multi-service provider for its member libraries,
the Alliance offers opportunities for group purchasing of electronic
databases, systems operations, web-hosting and personnel development. The
Alliance is also the developer and operations manager of Prospector, an
electronically unified catalog of the collections held by 23 academic,
public and special libraries in Colorado and Wyoming. Based in Denver,
Colorado, the Alliance is a member of the International Coalition of Library
Consortia (ICOLC).


For more information about Gold Rush or to set up a trial of Gold Rush,
contact the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries (
[log in to unmask] email address is being protected from spam bots,
you need Javascript enabled to view it ) or (303-759-3399). Ask for George
Machovec or Rose Nelson. Visit on the web at:


Rose Nelson

Systems Librarian

Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries 


303-759-3399 X103 (ph)

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