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Attached is the first electronic-only edition of DataLink, the official newsletter of the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries. DataLink has been published for over a decade in print and posted on the Alliance Website. The new electronic-only edition offers many advantages such as faster distribution, lower costs (no printing and mailing), and no page limits. DataLink and its backfile is also posted on the Alliance Website at

This issue of DataLink is a special issue about the Alliance Digital Repository (ADR) project. It is the newest large scale initiative by the Alliance. DataLink also covers other stories about Alliance activities such as Prospector, shared purchasing, Gold Rush and other cooperative initiatives.

We have merged the Alliance-L listserv with the DataLink mailing list. You have received this first copy because you are participating in an Alliance Committee, you were already on the DataLink mailing list or the Alliance-L listserv, or we felt you were a VIP and needed to be in the loop.

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