Due to conflicts with several of the Academic schedules, we have moved the date of the scheduled downtime to Monday December 17th.  We apologize for any inconvenience or concerns we may have caused.


Below is the text of the original email.


Tim Donnelly

System/Network Administrator

Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries

(303)759-3399 x106



Please excuse multiple postings.


On December 10th, the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries will be upgrading its networking bandwidth to a 10 megabit per second line.  This will represent a threefold increase in capacity which will improve performance of all Alliance services including the Alliance Digital Repository (ADR), Prospector, Colorado School of Mines Voyager System, Gold Rush and other services.  This will mean that all Alliance services will not be available the day of December 10, 2007 as we make the necessary changes to our network. 


The new Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the Alliance will be the UCAR Point of Presence (UPOP) which is part of the larger Front Range GigaPop (FRGP).  Many of the Alliance member institutions are part of this network consortium so that there should be substantial improvements in performance to Alliance services because of the increased bandwidth as well as us being “closer” to our members in the Internet neighborhood.


To do the upgrade, the Alliance is required to change its IP addressing scheme. The IP address change will require that member institutions update firewall settings, access scripts, embedded IP addresses for Prospector, or any other area where the numeric IP address is used.  Sites using domain names (instead of the numeric IP addresses) will not need to make changes.  Be sure to check with your network administrator or IT department to determine any changes to your network that need to be made.


We will attempt to minimize the amount of downtime on December 10th, but due to unforeseen circumstances, there could be outages extending beyond the initial period.  More information will be forthcoming including the new IP addresses assignments for Alliance devices.  Be sure to contact Tim Donnelly ([log in to unmask]) with any questions.