Last August, Member Council initiated the idea of holding round tables where
staff from Alliance libraries could meet with colleagues and discuss a
variety of topics.  These are not committee meetings, rather they are
informal gatherings were staff can share ideas and think of new ways to
approach tasks or common problems.  The meetings are typically held on
Fridays from 9-12 at the Alliance office.  To date, we have held four round
tables which include Access Services, Spanish Services, Storage Policies and
Practices and Student Worker Training.  Minutes for these round tables are
posted on the Alliance website. Please see the Latest News section:


The next round table is How Libraries Work in Conjunction with Campus
Writing Programs.  It will be held at the Alliance from 9-12 on February 15,
2007.  Please send an email to [log in to unmask] by February 13th,  if you
plan to attend this round table.  Due to space limitations, we have capped
the round tables to twenty-five attendees.  

If you have other topics for round tables, please let us know.  This is a
great chance to get to know your colleagues from other libraries and discuss
issues that are most focal to your job.   


Rose Nelson
Systems Librarian
Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries 
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303-759-3399 X103 (ph)
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