The Book Organization of Colorado (BOOC) would like your help in spreading the word about its Find An Author project.
Find An Author connects authors with organizations looking for speakers.  The site, hosted at, provides a user-friendly
list of more than 300 Colorado authors interested in presenting programs.

We recently surveyed our authors to get their feedback about how the site is working from their perspective.
Now, want to ask people who might be interested in using the service (teachers, librarians, civic groups etc) how this service is working
and how we might let more people know about it.

Please take a few moments to complete a survey at:

If you would like to forward this notice to anyone else who might be interested in knowing about the site or in giving us feedback,
including your constituent mailing list, please feel free.

If you have questions or comments and want to email us directly, email Liz Hill at [log in to unmask]net.


Kenn Amdahl, Joe Reid, Bonnie McCune, Becky Clark Cornwell and Liz Hill
Book Organizations of Colorado, Find An Author!
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