Please Excuse Multiple Postings:

Friends don't let friends 
keep their great work to themselves.

Give that talented friend and colleague the nudge s/he needs to become
a 2008 CAL Conference presenter!

And while you're at it, give yourself a nudge;
our library community needs your expertise!

More information and applications to propose a pre-conference program
or workshop are now available on the CAL website: 
The deadline to submit a proposal is May 23rd, 2008.

This year, we're focusing on "Communities and Libraries,"
but programs of all kinds are welcome.

Want to get involved without presenting?
How about helping to choose this year's conference programs?
Visit to apply for the Program
Selection Committee. 
Application deadline:  April 15, 2008.

The 2008 Colorado Association of Libraries annual conference will be
held November 6th-8th at the Marriott Denver Tech Center.