Dear Colleagues,


I'm forwarding this email on behalf of the Continuing Education Forum. 




Rose Nelson

Systems Librarian

Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries

303-759-3399 fax 303-759-3363



The Continuing Education Forum is seeking to learn about continuing
educations needs of the Colorado Library Community.  I hope you will all
take a few minutes and fill out this important survey, plus you have a
chance of winning a $100 gift card!   Thanks, Valerie


Hello:  We need 10 minutes of your time!


The Continuing Education (CE) Forum,  (a group of CE providers in
Colorado) , has put together an inventory tool to determine the CE needs
of library staff in the state as well as to know who is offering what
workshops. Special thanks to the Library Research Service at the State
Library for helping with this project.


Please access the inventory tool and let us know what topics you would
like our group to focus on during the next few years.
<>     (CUT and Paste into your browser)



A $100 VISA gift card.  A random drawing from those who participated
will take place November 20th!


1.      Fill in your name, organization, and email.


3.      Fill in the 1st column only entitled "Importance" - on the left
hand side of the tool. Here you will indicate from 1 - 10 which topic is
of most importance to you (10 being the greatest.)

3.    If we've neglected something, please use #11 to fill in your
recommendations using both the "Topic" and "Importance" columns.

4.    Click submit at the bottom.


Please complete by November 20.


Your input is invaluable to us. Thank you very much for participating.

Sharon Morris

Co-Chair of the Colorado CE Forum