We have just released a new feature to Gold Rush that allows you to edit the browse screen.  Prior to this, only the Welcome page for the search screen was editable.   Sites that use the search screen (welcome page) as their entry into Gold Rush, may want to adjust the text on their browse page, as the text on the browse and search pages is now the same.  Sites who use the browse page as their entry page can now  edit this text.


The main change is that you can now edit the browse screen.  However, the text on the browse and search screen will be identical, so you may want to create generic text that applies to both screens. 


You can change the text on the welcome page  by going to the GR staff toolbox.  Select Settings>Manage Style Settings>Welcome Page.  After you make changes, remember to click the update button.   When you change the text, it will appear on both the search screen and the browse screen.    You can test your changes by going to your Gold Rush home page and clicking on the browse menu and then the search menu. 


Let us know if you have questions.




Rose Nelson

Systems Librarian

Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries


303-759-3399 fax 303-759-3363