Below is a new press release of interest.  Auraria Library has loaded
over 100,000 records of open access ebooks into their local catalog.
These have now been passed through to Prospector so that all libraries
will have access to this valuable historical collection.  If you would
like to see some sample records from this collection do an OCLC number
search under "mbooks" or do an author search using "Hathi Trust".  Since
these books are electronic as well as "open access" (free) they can be
viewed online by anyone.


Thanks to Jeffrey Beall at Auraria Library for his working on adding
this collection.






Tens of Thousands of Open Access Digitized Books

Now Available Through the Prospector Catalog



Denver, Colorado, April 10, 2009


Library users in Colorado now have access to tens of thousands of
additional open-access digitized books and serials through the
Prospector Library Catalog. The digitized items originate from the
University of Michigan, a partner in the Google Books digitization
project and a member of a consortium of libraries called Hathi Trust.
Last year the University of Michigan made available bibliographic
records for many of the out-of-copyright titles that Google digitized
from its collections. The University then made available online files
for each of the digitized works. 


The bibliographic records were acquired and enhanced by librarians at
the Auraria Library in Denver. After the records were loaded into
Skyline, the Auraria Library online catalog, they were uploaded to
Prospector, the union catalog of the Colorado Alliance of Research
Libraries. Now library patrons from across Colorado have access to the
online books via the Prospector catalog. Except for the University of
Michigan where the books originated, the Auraria Library was the first
library in the nation to make these books available to its users.  


There are over 105,000 digitized books and serials freely available in
this initial phase of the project. They cover a broad range of topics in
the humanities and sciences and are in many different languages. They
represent the rich collections found at the University of Michigan and
complement local collections held in Colorado libraries. Moreover, the
books are "open-access," which means they are in the public domain
either because they were published before 1923 or because they are a
government publication and therefore not copyrighted.


About ten million books are being digitized each year around the world.
Increasingly, these online books and serials will be accessible through
library online catalogs like Prospector. This in turn means that more
information once available only by visiting a library will be easily
accessible to all Coloradoans through the Internet. Through this and
other similar projects, Colorado libraries will take advantage of book
digitization and will continue to offer more and more materials to
library users across the state.       


For more information about Skyline and these records contact: Jeffrey
Beall at Auraria Library ([log in to unmask]).


For more information about Prospector contact: George Machovec
([log in to unmask])





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