Hi George.  Hope things are well with you and Rose and the other folks you work with.


I downloaded this report at the end of September – but only today got around to looking at it for some title count work that I am doing.  I was so excited to get this because I had been downloading each vendor list quarterly on my own – painstaking, but necessary for some of our ACRL and other reports.


Good news:  it has only my providers/databases listed.


Bad news:  it has all of their titles, not just those titles to which we subscribe.  I immediately noticed this because of the list of American Institute of Physics/Scitation title list – it’s pretty lengthy on the downloaded report (170+ titles) and we only subscribe to 3 titles. 


The data from the “Hide” column does not appear on the report  ----and if that is on purpose, then the data is also NOT being taken into consideration when developing the report.


I hope this makes sense and I hope it’s an easy fix.


As you know, the report is massive, so I am not attaching a copy.  Feel free to login into our account and see what I’m talking about.


Thanks for looking into this for us.





Christine E. Ryan

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Electronic Resources Librarian

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Subject: Gold Rush "Export All Holdings" Report




For Immediate Release: Denver, CO. September 3, 2009





The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries is pleased to announce a new “Export All Holdings” report in the Gold Rush Staff Toolbox.  This report is available to all libraries that use Gold Rush for A-Z/link resolution and/or ERM (electronic resource management). The new report allows a library to easily export their entire set of holdings from Gold Rush in .csv (comma separated value) format which can then be easily imported into Excel or other applications.


The “Export All Holdings” feature allows libraries to export everything or to customize the extract to exclude classes of materials such as open access journals, print journals and indexed-only titles.  These customizations can be run in any combination.  Once the report is staged the user will receive an email indicating report availability (usually within 15 minutes) and will receive a link to a Website where it can be downloaded.  These reports can be quite large and this avoids the problem of email limitations, firewalls and spam filters.


“Export All Holdings” shows all journals from all title lists which a library has configured (selected) in the Gold Rush “Holdings” tab.  This report does not de-duplicate titles but lists journals in every database in which they appear.   It is recommended that if the export is loaded into Excel, that version 2007 or later be used since older versions have a limit of 65,536 rows.


Gold Rush supports a wide array of data export options and to facilitate easy access to some of the options a new section has been created in the Reports tab which groups many of the export options together so that a library can determine what report is best for them.   The reports included in this tab include:


1.       Export All Holdings (described above)

2.       Download Journal Information for Provider and Database (this supports the export of an individual title list)

3.       My Full Text Journals (this is a simple list of journal titles/ISSNs which is de-duplicated and is a great place to get a full-text journal count)

4.       XML Google Scholar Holdings (this is a library’s XML holdings which are shared with Google Scholar if a library has configured this feature.  It is a de-duplicated list and shows maximum years of coverage)


Not included above is a full XML extraction report which can be run through the Gold Rush XML Gateway (called GRX) which allows a library to essentially extract the same data as found in the new Export All Holdings report but it is formatted in an XML markup.  This full XML extraction has been available for over a year and is described in the GRX Documentation.



About Gold Rush

Gold Rush is Web-based central digital registry of databases and electronic journals including both stand-alone and titles embedded within aggregated services. Gold Rush Complete offers a suite of tools for public access and staff management.   Gold Rush Complete offers openURL link resolution, subscription management (ERM), a public search interface (A-Z) with an additional Web services layer and content comparison.

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The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries (http://www.coalliance.org)  is a non-profit consortium of eleven libraries in Colorado and Wyoming.  It is a long term partnership of academic, special and public libraries with a history of working in concert to share resources through cooperative purchasing, special projects, systems management and consulting services. 


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