Hi Everyone,


We still have plenty of space for librarians, library staff, and library school students to attend the STELLA Unconference, Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th-- http://denver-stella.pbworks.com


Below is the prelim schedule for Friday.  If you can make it one or both days, then please add your name to the attendee list -- http://denver-stella.pbworks.com/Attendee-List.  We have a great slate of topics, and an even better group of people attending.  There is no charge (with thanks to http://denver-stella.pbworks.com/Sponsors), and the lunch on Friday is free to the first 80 people on the attendee list.



Friday, January 8, 2010 - Schedule may be adjusted slightly on Friday morning


    * Session 0 - 9:00-10:00

         o Ballroom: Introductory session, opening statements, adjusting the schedule, stuff like that.


    * Session 1 - 10:10-11:30

          o Ballroom: Envisioning the science library of the future (TBA / facilitated discussion)

          o 1880: Information literacy initiatives with engineering faculty/students (Patricia Watkins / facilitated discussion)

          o 1864: Are citation databases still necessary + indexing resources such as SCOAP3, arXiv, etc. (Michelle Wilde and Sharon Schwerzel / facilitated discussion)


    * Session 2 - 11:40-1:00

          o Ballroom: Science librarianship & Web 2.0 (Jennifer King / hybrid)

          o 1880: Collection development: new collection emphases, patron-driven collection development, leasing content vs. owning books, etc. (Julia Gelfand and Michelle Wilde / facilitated discussion)

          o 1864: Journal collections: How are science librarians fine-tuning their journal collections during these tight times, etc. (Jeffra Bussmann + TBA / facilitated discussion)


    * Session 3 - 2:00-3:20

          o Ballroom: Ebooks: platforms, pricing, looking to the future, etc. (Michelle Wilde and Joe Kraus / facilitated discussion)

          o 1880: Training for science librarians (Julia Gelfand / facilitated discussion)

          o 1864: Developments in scholarly communications (author rights, open access, repositories, etc.) (Colleen Lyon / hybrid)


    * Session 4 - 3:30-4:50

          o Ballroom: Citation-based metrics (Bill Jacobs / presentation)

          o 1880: Mobile technologies in science libraries (Jeffra Bussmann + TBA / facilitated discussion)

          o 1864: Science programming as library services (Julia Gelfand / facilitated discussion)


The Saturday Schedule will be determined that morning.