Need to get an announcement  out  to your users and public service staff
about a database that is down?  Incident Tracker is the tool you want to
use.  There is a link to it under both the Holdings and Subscription
module.  When you click on the Incident Tracker link, a form will
display.  Be sure to check the box for "display public message" and type
in a message in the "public message" box.   


An exclamation point will appear next to the resource that is down.
This will show up on both the database and journal level records. When a
user hovers over the exclamation point, it will provide the description
of the problem that was entered in Incident Tracker.   Once the problem
is resolved, simply uncheck the "display public message" box and the
note will disappear from the A-Z interface and the database/product. You
can also send an email to staff to let them know that a particular
product is down.  This is a great way to keep a log of particular issues
with a product.  




Rose Nelson

Systems Librarian

Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries

303-759-3399 X103 fax 303-759-3363