Many of you have heard about JSTOR's Current Scholarship Program which
offers current access to certain titles from 19 different publishers.
There are different subscription options available which are detailed on
the JSTOR website. 




They have also provided a title list of all titles that are in the
Current Scholarship Program.  If your library participates in this
program for some or all of your JSTOR  databases, please email
[log in to unmask] and let me know which of your databases have current
scholarship content.  


JSTOR has put together a spreadsheet of all titles in the  CSP broken
down by database.  We have created title lists of these CSP databases.  

If you do participate in this program,  I will send you a list of titles
that are included.  You will need to "lock" these titles so that when we
do the next load of JSTOR databases, this title is not affected by a
database update.  For example, you don't want us to override the
coverage dates of this title to reflect an embargo when you currently
get the title.


Once you let me know which databases have these CSP titles, I will send
you a list of the titles with instructions on how to lock individual
titles in a database.  




Let me know if you have questions.




Rose Nelson

Systems Librarian

Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries


303-759-3399 X103 fax 303-759-3363