Hi Rosemary and others,


You shouldn't include the proxy on this database since it is open access
and there is no reason to authenticate.  




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I want to add this to our configuration.  Do I need to include the proxy
wrapper? Since it's open access, the proxy may not be necessary.


Thanks for your help,




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We have put together a title list of the JSTOR open access titles.
Several of the titles changed name and ISSN number so we tried to gather
all the title history as well by creating separate entries for each
variant title.  There were a few titles that were on the open access
list, but were not yet available as open access.  We left these titles
off of the list and will check back later to see if they do become open


The list is under the vendor, JSTOR and database, JSTOR Open Access
Collection.  There are 305 titles.  

To add this list to your collection-- 

*         login to the grstaff module at: http://grstaff.coalliance.org 

*         Select the holdings module

*         Click on Add database to my holdings

*         Find the database and click add


Hope this list is useful to Gold Rush subscribers.




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