Come share in three days of collaborating, connecting and creating
new ideas for libraries!

CALCON15 promises to help hone your professional edge by offering a wide variety of keynotes, workshops and sessions that will connect you with industry thought leaders.

Whether you are a school librarian, public librarian, para-librarian, Library IT Professional, academic archivist, administrator or work in a museum, CALCON is your ticket to innovative, inspirational programs that will apply to you! CALCON15 will be designed around what you, our members, and the Colorado Library community value most.

We have amazing keynotes;

Thursday, Oct 22
Salvador Avila
2014 REFORMA Librarian of the Year for his work promoting and advocating services.. (more)<http:[log in to unmask]&job=1886941&ymlink=3641462&finalurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcal%2Dwebs%2Ewix%2Ecom%2Fcalcon15%23%21salvador%2Davila%2Fck3s>

Friday, October 23
Ryan Warner
Host of Colorado Public Radio’s daily interview program "Colorado Matters”.. (more)<http:[log in to unmask]&job=1886941&ymlink=3641462&finalurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcal%2Dwebs%2Ewix%2Ecom%2Fcalcon15%23%21ryan%2Dwarner%2Fc1b1g>

Saturday, October 24
Dr. Michael Stevens
Assistant Professor in the School of Information at San Jose State University. His column in Library Journal, .. (more)<http:[log in to unmask]&job=1886941&ymlink=3641462&finalurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcal%2Dwebs%2Ewix%2Ecom%2Fcalcon15%23%21michael%2Dstevens%2Fc16u4>

Come share in three days of collaborating, connecting and creating new ideas for libraries!

Invest in yourself and your future. YOU serve deserve it!

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