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Two Part Webinar:  Library As Publisher

Wednesday, March 7, and Wednesday, March 14, 2018

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM


Library As Publisher, Part One, March 7, 2018

Library as Publisher: Current Status and Impact on Scholarly Communication


Library As Publisher, Part Two, March 14, 2018

Library as Publisher: UX and UI for the Library’s Digital Collections


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Wednesday, March 7, Library as Publisher, Part One

Library as Publisher: Current Status and Impact on Scholarly Communication

An increasing number of university libraries have assumed responsibility for scholarly communication activities and university presses. This event will bring together professionals from a variety of institutions, asking them to address what the challenges have been for them, name their successes, and articulate their vision for the future.


Confirmed Speakers: Carol Ann Davis, Director of Digital Scholarship Services, University of South Florida Libraries;  Andrew Wesolek, Head of Digital Scholarship, Clemson University Libraries; Johanna Meetz, Scholarly Communications and Publishing Services Librarian and Associate Director of Pacific University Press, Pacific University


Here’s what these speakers will be addressing:


Libraries face many challenges when initiating library publishing operations. This relatively new aspect of librarianship is not yet part of library school curricula, and some are still struggling to determine the skills needed for this area. The three speakers will discuss their experiences in library publishing at their separate institutions with distinct publishing environments. The University of South Florida published their first open access journal in 2007 and has no university press. Clemson University Libraries began publishing operations in 2013 and has some joint publishing efforts with Clemson University Press, which is administratively distinct from the Libraries.  Pacific University Press was founded in 2015 by the Libraries as a hybrid open access publisher, and librarians perform both traditional university press and library publishing operations. The speakers will share successes and challenges they have encountered in initiating their publishing operations and their vision for the future. They will also discuss the NASIG Core Competencies for Scholarly Communication Librarians and the upcoming Library Publishing Curriculum from Educopia and the Library Publishing Coalition. They will offer suggestions on how these tools can be applied to organize a new publishing operation, create job descriptions, and train new employees.


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Wednesday, March 14, Library as Publisher: Part Two

Library as Publisher: UX and UI for the Library’s Digital Collections

Just how good (or how bad) are the Web-based interfaces encountered by library users these days? Having invested in the creation of significant digital collections, how can libraries enhance usage of those collections? How do scholars and students (especially those working remotely) expect to engage with this content online? What should the interfaces be designed to support? Is there a baseline that has been established? What room exists for innovation in the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI)?


Confirmed Speakers:  Rachel Vacek, Head of Design & Discovery, University of Michigan Library; Salwa Ismail, Department Head of Library Information Technology, Georgetown University; Daniel Tracy, Library Information Science & Digital Humanities Librarian, University of Illinois


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