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Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 1:00pm - 2:30pm (Eastern Daylight) 

Innovative Tools and Apps: What’s Hot


Are there interesting new tools and/or apps emerging that are revolutionizing the work being done by scholars, researchers, and students? This event will convene a variety of information community professionals to talk about the tool or app that they know to be indispensable to either themselves or their community. What does it do? Why is it important? What else do you wish it did? And what does this resource portend for the future?


The discussion will encompass a range of apps that have proven to be of functional use in the academic environment – apps that involve augmented reality, a dictionary app, a journal publications app, and more!


Confirmed Speakers:


·      Marisa Hughes, Taxonomist, American Psychological Association;

·      Jennifer Leffler, Associate Professor and Technical Services Manager, University of Northern Colorado;

·      Elizabeth German, Assistant Professor and Services Design Librarian, Texas A & M University;

·      Jeff Lang, Assistant Director, Platform Development, American Chemical Association (ACS);

·      Ranti Junus, Systems Librarian, Michigan State University


Here’s what just two of those speakers will be discussing:


ACS Mobile: An App in Adolescence

Jeff Lang, Assistant Director, Platform Development, American Chemical Society (ACS)


Unlike rock stars, most old apps fade away.  The ACS Mobile app has defied the odds with steady growth even 8 years after launch.  What made this app successful and what new challenges arise for an app from the earliest days of the mobile revolution?  Insights from a skunk-works project that earned a lasting place on your phone’s homescreen.


(Re)Exploring the potential of Google Expeditions

Ranti Junus, Systems Librarian for Electronic Resources, Michigan State University


Built for a classroom use or a small group, Google Expeditions offers a series of field trips virtually through collections of 360° and 3D images. When the app is run collectively, the teacher can lead the group to discuss various point of interests. Although this is not a brand new offering from Google, the potential of this app is still intriguing.

For additional speaker abstracts, visit the NISO event page


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