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Wednesday, August 15, 11am – 5pm (Eastern Daylight)

The Computer Campus: Integrating Information Systems and Services


Super computing is used by scientists and engineers working on complex research problems. Such investigations may involve data-intensive applications that consume enormous amounts of bandwidth and computing power. Instruction on campus is increasingly tied to learning management systems, which require seamless integration with information resources found in libraries.


At the same time, libraries are expressing numerous concerns associated with digital asset and access management. Where is the institutional IT department and just how far can its resources be stretched? This virtual event will look at systems demands found on campus and offer examples of how innovative research institutions (and most particularly, their libraries) are meeting the challenges of talent-sourcing, integration, and support.


The first block of speakers address the topic at a high level, the second block of speakers address specific types of computing and IT services that the library may be asked to support and the third discusses policy concerns such as privacy and ethical use of collected data.


Here’s what the speakers in that first program block will be covering:


Challenges to Successful Technology Alignment between Library and Campus IT

Mark A. Beadles, OARnet, and Theda Schwing, OhioLink


OhioLINK is a consortium of 120 academic libraries from across a spectrum of different sizes, missions, and structures.  In this capacity, OhioLINK has been helping our member libraries access licensed content and adjust to technology migrations in a variety of scenarios for over 20 years. This experience has shown that libraries of different sizes face different challenges when undertaking technology integration projects. To better understand the different circumstances at each of our institutions, OhioLINK recently surveyed member libraries. The survey included questions about libraries’ relationships with their campus IT department. OhioLINK also interviewed several libraries of different sizes to find out from their perspectives what kinds of staffing, financial, and technical roadblocks they would expect to encounter on the way to successfully making any change in their current technical environments. This presentation will outline some of the main challenges and barriers identified in the survey and interviews for small, medium, and large libraries when partnering with campus IT organizations.


Hybrid IT Alignment: for Campus, Cloud and Community

Robert H. McDonald, University of Colorado - Boulder


Abstract: Research libraries have a long history of cooperating around common needs for technology, resources, and software. However, this approach is not always true between libraries and their central IT units on their campuses. This presentation will discuss use of highly leveraged IT resources for developing appropriate technology management scenarios that extend from the single campus to the large university system. The talk with rethink the leverage brought to bear by current cloud technologies as well as identifying and utilizing community based resources that may become more and more important to the library community over the long-term.


Online College Students Report 2018

Andrew Magda and Nate Ackerly, Learning House


Each year, more students take college classes online, but that may soon change. In fact, enrollment growth for online students will slow by 2019, according to Eduventures. Meanwhile competition in online education is heating up. To be successful, your institution must demonstrate that its online programs can help students achieve their goals — and follow through after they enroll. If not, you risk losing students to schools that offer in-demand programs and services.


The Learning House, Inc. and Aslanian Market Research surveyed 1,500 current, future and recently graduated online students to identify the programs and services they want most. The results are presented in the seventh-annual Online College Students report. Do you know how many students use mobile devices to finish coursework? Or how often online students use career services?


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