NISO WebinarBuilding Diversity in the Workforce

Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. (Eastern, US & Canada)


This event will look at bias awareness and the difficulties of appropriately valuing diversity in a work environment. What are the implications for the library in terms of data collection, recruitment practices, and mentoring? How might library leadership encourage applicants from a broad spectrum of cultural backgrounds while avoiding any appearance of double standards? How might technology jobs in the library be made more appealing to a greater range of applicants?


Confirmed speakers for this event include: 

· Liam Sweeney, Analyst, Libraries and Scholarly Communication, ITHAKA    S&R; 

· Alexia Hudson-Ward, Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries, Oberlin      College; 

· Samantha Bishop Simmons, Undergraduate Learning Specialist, University of Kansas Libraries

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Here’s what those three speakers will be addressing:

Understanding Institutional Values: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Libraries and Cultural Organizations

Liam Sweeney
, Analyst, Libraries and Scholarly Communication, ITHAKA S&R:

Since 2014 Ithaka S+R has conducted a series of quantitative and qualitative research on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion among libraries and cultural organizations. By collecting demographic data on staff in these industries, we have been able to generate benchmarks from which change can be measured over time. In partnership with organizations such as AAMD, AAM, ARL, DCLA and the Mellon foundation, findings from these studies have affected policy change and informed discourse in the field. With recently published qualitative findings from a series of case studies conducted with relatively diverse U.S. Art Museums, we have sought to understand how the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are fostered through staff efforts.

“Operationalizing” diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace: Fostering a culturally competent culture through intentionality

Alexia Hudson-Ward, Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries, Oberlin College:

Webinar participants will learn about Oberlin College Libraries' diversity, equity, and inclusion Taskforce that has identified five focus areas in which a DEI lens will be applied: people, services, facilities, spaces, and collections. Our goal is to foster intentional practices and philosophies towards a sustainable workplace model that is culturally competent. 

Unpacking Whiteness in the Workplace

Samantha Bishop Simmons, Undergraduate Learning Specialist, University of Kansas Libraries:

Hidden privilege in the work environment is a challenge experienced in all facets of librarianship. Through work on the University of Kansas’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, Samantha Bishop Simmons seeks to explode concepts of “whiteness” and privilege and how they shape office cultures that are oppressive to people with marginalized identities. This talk will look at the ways white privilege shapes the culture of the academic libraries and will offer some suggestions for addressing privilege in our personal and professional lives.

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