Upcoming NISO Educational Events, May 2019


Tune in for these upcoming NISO educational events in May! A single registration allows you to gather an unlimited number of staff in a conference or classroom setting to listen in to leaders in the profession. 


Even if staff is unable to attend the live broadcast due to scheduling conflicts or travel, links to the archived recording are sent within 24-48 hours of the event to maximize the value of your training dollars.


Here’s what’s in store:


Libraries and The Move to Transparency

NISO Webinar, Wednesday, May 15, 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. (Eastern Time)

So much of library workflow and usage is shrouded from public view, sometimes due to the interest of protecting patron privacy, sometimes due to the assumption that the patron or the public would have no interest in knowing the process. At the same time, trust is most easily generated in the context of transparency. For example, the public needs to understand and trust the weeding process and/or the rationale behind off-site storage. What does your community understand or need to learn about the ways in which libraries operate in order to trust the library more fully? How can vendors and service providers support more transparency to users?

This event will take the form of a round-table discussion.

Roundtable Participants: 

·      Michael Levine-ClarkDean of Libraries, University of Denver

·      Sian Brannon, Associate Dean for Collection Management, University of North Texas

·      Sue Polanka, University Librarian, Wright State University

·      Jon Shaw, Associate Vice Provost & Deputy University Librarian, University of Pennsylvania Libraries

·      Julie Griffin, Senior Associate Dean, and Michael Kucsak, Assistant Dean & Chief of Staff, University Libraries, Virginia Tech


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Blurred Boundaries: Intellectual Property and Networked Sharing of Content

NISO Virtual Conference, Wednesday, May 22, 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)

What’s currently simmering in the realm of intellectual property? There’s been talk of filtering technologies, making the Internet less hospitable to re-use of content and images. There’s been talk of a “link tax”. In an age when digital media collections may quickly be threatened by obsolescence, what protections may be extended to an archive’s specialized focus on a particular format (such as televised news) or delivery via a particular social media platform?

Researchers seeking to disseminate their work to colleagues have adopted a variety of academic networks as well as well-branded, subject-specific archives to house their preprints. Here too there may be a bit of unease in knowing where the boundaries of appropriate sharing lie. Will this platform or that demonstrate compliance with a funder’s mandate? Is the work adequately discoverable? Sometimes the appropriate avenue for sharing is obvious and without pitfalls; other times, the sharing creates prickling unease.

This session will bring together expert voices with a variety of perspectives to discuss the challenges, the signposts for appropriate handling and perhaps even concessions encountered in the usage, protection, and preservation of digital content.  

Confirmed speaker: Brian Mathews, Associate Dean for Innovation, Preservation, and Access, Carnegie Mellon University; Others TBA


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