NISO Webinar

*Preservation and Archiving of Digital Media*

*Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 1:00pm – 2:30pm (US, Eastern)*

Libraries have long collected audio and video content in varying formats
housing those materials in special archives and collections. However,
unlike the static documents that have been digitized for purposes of
enabling Web access by users, some collections of audio and video content
may not have received the appropriate attention and resources that ensure
long-term preservation. This session will look at a variety of such
collections and associated archiving initiatives focused on what is an
increasingly at-risk set of materials.

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What will the day’s speakers be addressing?

At Risk of Losing Everything: Advocating for Audiovisual Materials in a
Mixed-Media Archive

*Kira M. Sobers, *Digital Media Coordinator, Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Institution Archives contains over 60,000 audiovisual
assets in 44 different formats. With such a large variety of formats, it is
necessary to actively advocate for the preservation of these materials
before the contents are lost. However, even with
proper support, preservation of audiovisual materials presents several
challenges, such as equipment obsolescence and insufficient funding. This
presentation will discuss the challenges of preserving audiovisual
materials as identified during a survey of collections across the
Smithsonian. It will also explore the shift from on-demand to proactive
preservation through advocacy.

Evolving the Operations of the Vanderbilt Television News Archive: Cloud
Computing for Audiovisual Preservation

*Clifford B. Anderson*, Associate University Librarian for Research and
Learning, Vanderbilt University

Since August 1968, the Vanderbilt Television News Archive has recorded,
preserved, and made accessible the evening television news programming of
the major networks. After briefly discussing its services and business
model, Clifford B. Anderson will discuss how the staff of the Television
News Archive have managed the process of introducing significant
technological change while keeping their operations up and running. By
moving key operations to cloud-based environments, they have automated
routine processes, allowing staff members to contribute value in their
respective areas of specialized expertise. Since this transformation is
ongoing, Anderson will also describe the challenges and hurdles he and his
team have faced during this process of technological migration

Preservation and archiving of digital audio

*Edward M. Corrado*, Associate University Librarian, Naval Postgraduate

This talk will review some of the issues with the preservation and long
term archiving of digital audio files. Topics involving how digital audio
content impacts management and technology will be discussed. Issues related
to metadata and file formats for use and preservation will be also be
looked at.

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