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We have a busy month of events lined up here at NISO, and we very much hope you’ll join us for some of them! As well as launching our eight-part training course, Assessment Practices and Metrics for the 21st Century: A 2021 Participatory Learning Experience (April 1 - May 27), we’ll be kicking off the first in a two-part webinar series on Meaningful Metrics on April 14, talking Preprints with the experts at our virtual conference on April 21, and hosting the 2021 NFAIS Forethought Strategic Summit on April 27-28. Other than the training series, registration entitles an unlimited number of participants from your organization to attend.

Webinar: Meaningful Metrics

April 14, 11.00am - 12.30pm ET (Canada/US)

How can metrics be made more meaningful and illuminative? What data needs to be collected? How long is it retained? What are appropriate data-sharing practices? How can (and should) we measure usage? What can be done automatically? Join our discussion with speakers Rachel Borchardt, American University; Brian Cody, Scholastica; Rebecca Kennison, K|N Consultants (representing HuMetricsHSS); Stacy Konkiel, Altmetric; and Marie McVeigh, Web of Science, Clarivate.

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Virtual Conference: Preprints

April 21, 12.00 - 4.00pm ET (Canada/US)

Research during the pandemic accelerated discussions surrounding the value of preprints. But are existing models sustainable? What issues are there with regard to infrastructure? Are validation or rejection processes needed?  How well do journalists and others understand the benefits and limitations of preprints? Hear about what progress has been made since our 2019 preprints conference from speakers including: Kathryn Funk, National Library of Medicine; Kyle Lo, Allen Institute for Artificial Information (AI2); Leslie McIntosh, Ripeta; Alberto Pepe, Wiley; Bruce Rosenblum, Atypon; and Richard Sever, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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Virtual Conference: 2021 NFAIS Forethought Strategic Summit 

April 27-28, 10.00am - 2.30pm ET (Canada/US)

This year’s topic is Transforming Content Through Transformed Systems. We will be exploring the challenges from both a management and a technology perspective, to consider how the information community can develop systems that continue to add value to scholarly communication and success. Join us for talks by experts including: Mark Gross, DCLabs; Lauren Kane, Morressier; Chris Shillum, ORCID; John Shaw, SAGE Publishing, and others to be announced.

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Training Course: Assessment Practices and Metrics for the 21st Century: A 2021 Participatory Learning Experience 

April 1 - May 27 (eight weekly sessions)

This custom-made course, based on the needs of the participating libraries, is suitable for assessment practitioners at any level — beginner, intermediate, or experienced. They will work with regular facilitator, Martha Kyrillidou, to form a virtual learning community that will help them make progress on their own assessment projects, find new ways of engaging staff through interactive exercises, and ultimately foster a sense of renewed direction.

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Thanks as always for your support of our educational events — we hope to see you there!

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