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September looks to be a busy month for NISO, with two virtual events — our monthly webinar on Accelerating Scholarly Communications and Dissemination (free for members) and a virtual conference on Building Access, Openness, and Sharing (discount for members) — as well as the NISO Plus Forum, our first in-person event since the inaugural NISO Plus conference in February 2020. We hope you’ll be able to join us at one or more of these!

Monthly webinar — free for NISO members

Accelerating Scholarly Communications and Dissemination

Wednesday, September 14, 11.00am - 12.30pm Eastern Daylight Time (US/Canada)

Given the rise of remote working and international collaboration, it’s not surprising that so many researchers have expanded their use of applications like Slack, Mastodon, or Zoom. But what is the potential impact on scholarly communications? In this roundtable discussion, our speakers will brainstorm the use of these new communication tools, and envision what the long-term benefits and drawbacks might be. Speakers to be confirmed.

Register here (includes unlimited attendees from your organization) — free for NISO members; recording will be shared with all registered attendees

In-person event — discount for NISO members

NISO Plus Forum

Tuesday, September 20, 8.30am - 5.00pm, AGU office, Washington, DC

The NISO Plus Forum is a new, in-person event that will provide a bridge between the virtual NISO Plus conferences—an opportunity to continue some of the conversations we started at the last conference and connect them to the next one in concrete and meaningful ways.The theme is Metadata: Structures, Exchange, Identifiers, and we will examine each of these areas through a series of small group discussions and activities. By the end of the day, we will have identified 5-10 topics to be moved forward for future NISO work, including as topics for a metadata track at the NISO Plus 2023 conference (February 14-16, 2023). To ensure that we keep user needs front and center of our discussions, you’ll also hear from three researchers with very different perspectives—Dr. Ana Heredia (consultant), Dr. Kathryn Kaiser (University of Alabama, Birmingham), and Dr. Diana Marsh (University of Maryland). More information, including the full program and COVID policy, is available on the NISO Plus website.

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Virtual conference — discount for NISO members

Building Access, Openness, and Sharing 

Wednesday, September 28, 12.00 - 4.00pm Eastern Daylight Time (US/Canada)

What do we need in order to build a research environment where streamlined digital access is the norm? Addressing technical debt is one challenge, but what are some of the others? All of us have an interest in furthering the expansion of knowledge, so what innovations, what approaches have the past two years proven to be most effective? And what does the future hold? Focusing on both platform technology and the policies that govern those platforms, this virtual event will look at some of the practices and policies that are critical to supporting expanded access and sharing of scholarship. Speakers to be confirmed.

Register here (includes unlimited attendees from your organization) — discount for NISO members; recording will be shared with all registered attendees

Please see our events page for more information, including updates on confirmed speakers.

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PS Look out for information about our next training series — led by Martha Kyrillidou, focusing on Library Assessment Practices — starting October 11 


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