The Colorado Alliance has released two new features on Gold Rush today (November 7, 2005).

1.  Gold Rush will become Google Scholar compliant.  This feature will allow you to export your holdings and some pieces of administrative metadata about your library so that a link in Google Scholar can be made back to your local Gold Rush link resolver.  It should be noted that when a site fills out and schedules the export of their holdings metadata, that Google Scholar may take several weeks before it harvests and makes these links available.  This feature may be found found in the "Gold Rush Staff Toolbox" at "Settings -> Manage Gold Rush Linker -> Google Scholar".

2.  Match Titles (Update existing title list metadata via file upload).  This feature will allow you to upload a tab-delimited file to globally change elements of an existing title list.  For example, you may want to make changes to an existing title list in an Excel spreadsheet, you can then upload this list back to Gold Rush to globally change or flip elements in an online title list you've selected.  This is not the ability to load a brand new title list (we are working on creating this functionality for you later) but allows you to globally modify any element in an existing list.  This feature may be found in the "Gold Rush Staff Toolbox" at "Holdings ->  Match Titles"

Full documentation for these two new new areas of functionality may be found on the Web at:  See the documentation marked "New" for finding these new feature explanations.  

As always, feel free to contact us ([log in to unmask]) if you have questions


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