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December 15, 2006


Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries Releases Three New Enhancements to Gold Rush




The Colorado Alliance has just released three new enhancements to Gold Rush.  The first enhancement provides a more precise list of results when searching.  The second enhancement is an improvement to the new upload a title/title list feature, and the third allows sites to add their own database descriptors. 



Display Resources with Unverified Dates


Gold Rush Linker has always had the ability to mask article level links when they are outside of the date range of the incoming citation.  However, title links still appear to the user.  A new setting, “Display Resources with Unverified Dates”, allows sites to hide full text and indexing resources that fall outside of the date range of an incoming citation.


This new functionality makes it easier for patrons to link to a particular article or journal without having to scan through a long list of results that don’t meet the date criteria of the article they are seeking. This new setting is under Settings-Manage Gold Rush Linker in the Gold Rush Staff module.  Under the General Settings tab the fourth drop down box is “Display Resources with Unverified Dates”.  The default setting is “yes.”  If you would like to test out the new feature, change the box to “No-Display Resources with Unverified Dates”, and click the “Update” button.    The change will appear immediately in a Gold Rush results screen.


Enhancement to Add Your Own Journal or Title List


At the end of November, the Colorado Alliance released a custom loader which allows sites to upload new or existing title lists and individual journals to Gold Rush.  We have added a new drop down box, “Journal Format” to this local loader that allows sites to determine in which section of the results screen—full text, citation or local holdings--they would like the resource to display.  If they leave this field blank, Gold Rush will determine where to display a resource by what is in the structured date fields.  If there is text in the citation or full text field, the resource will respectively be placed in one or both of these fields.  If the title list or journal does not have a date, and a setting is entered in the Journal Format drop down box, it will force an item to fall within the field selected from Journal Format. 


Adding Database Descriptors and Journal Subjects


The database descriptors that we have created or harvested don’t always fit Gold Rush subscribers’ holdings.  Sites can now create their own database descriptors and journal subjects and delete those that don’t fit within their holdings.  Descriptors and journal subjects can be added through the Cataloging module of Gold Rush.  We have copied to all sites the central list of descriptors so sites are free to add, modify or delete any of their descriptors as needed.



This new suite of enhancements gives sites more control over the cataloging of their resources.  We hope it will also help patrons to quickly find what they need in Gold Rush without having to scroll through screens of results that may or may not be relevant.  If you have questions about the enhancements or other aspects of Gold Rush, contact George Machovec ([log in to unmask]) or Rose Nelson ([log in to unmask]) at 303-759-3399   




Rose Nelson

Systems Librarian

Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries

303-759-3399 X103 (ph)

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